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SentryBay has world leading experience in protecting VDI end points which can be deployed within a day, delivering data entry and application security whilst meeting HIPAA/PCI compliance.

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The Security Gap

A security gap exists with all managed and unmanaged devices. More than 50% of this malware is able to evade traditional endpoint defenses (source Ponemon Institute) and keylogger AgentTesla take first place as the most widespread malware, impacting 7% of organisations worldwide  

Azure Virtual Desktop and w365

Azure Virtual Desktop and w365 are vulnerable to key logging and screen capture malware on the endpoint potentially allowing  personal and confidential data to be stolen. 


Remote access risks 

87% of businesses depend on their employees or vendor using remote devices which are also more vulnerable to this malware. This malware steals any data entered on a user’s laptop or desktop BEFORE the data is transferred safely to the Microsoft  cloud.

Trusted by over 5 million users and corporate enterprises


So why do businesses trust SentryBay to deliver 

Targeted Protections

Admins decide on which apps to protect and whitelist.      A config file is created, which can be easily updated. Targeted applications are simply protected whenever they are active, and the rest of the device and its applications are kept private.

Allows Full User Productivity

Advanced whitelisting capabilities allows full Teams Optimisation WHILE preventing screen recording/capture PLUS allows whitelisting of any other collaboration or support tool.  Users can operate securely while being fully protected even on BYOD/PC devices.

Simple to Deploy and Use

Agent is delivered via a small MSI file (including config file) through existing MDM mechanisms such as Intune and AirWatch, and managed on an ongoing basis via your MDM. With device enrollment into Intune, the agent can be deployed within minutes.

Worried about Compliance

Able to utilize enforcement capabilities via Intune, clients use it to meet Infosec and compliance requirements for data risk and endpoint management including PCI. FFIEC, HIPAA, GDPR etc.

Leveraging your  existing Infrastructure

Armored Client works alongside any existing security (AV, EDR, VPN etc.) and your infrastructure stack – leveraging all existing CAPEX and IT experience.

Seamless solution for all desktops

Armored Client is the only solution that works seamlessly across all managed, unmanaged, corporate, BYOD/PC devices, protecting all data entry to the cloud - at all times. Can also work alongside any legacy VDI systems like Citrix or VMware.

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Rapid deployment & updates using existing management tools such as Intune.
For BYOD / BYOPC then you can utilise SentryBay deployment tools.  

Don't wait for a day zero attack that your EPP, AV, EDR will not initially detect. 
Be proactive, assume compromise and mitigate risk  

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Armored Client prevents data loss from devices, creating digital parity for remote users.

Our advanced kernel-level anti-keylogging and screen capture protection ensures enterprise-grade security while allowing collaboration tools to function seamlessly, enabling low-cost deployment and full regulatory compliance.

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